A Message from Tony

OK, everybody! I've noticed that most of you drive buses. That's pretty cool! I wish I drove a bus, but I'm sitting here in this little trailer with four other people and my view is of the buses you get to drive!

Carry on...
How about that craaaaazy deer!

But seriously. If a deer gets on your bus, state the fare once and LET IT GO!
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A Message from Mark

Hey Big Shooters! Let's not be stunt driving out there! Make sure you scan those intersections! Don't eat stuff you find on the sidewalk!

Driver of the Week

This week's driver totally quit Metro Transit to start Eastlake Brewery and Taproom! Go say hello to him and have one. One! Unless you didn't drive. Then have several!
Ryan Pitman
used to be
Ryan likes long walks on the beach, laughing, living life to its fullest and snuggling up under a blanket in front of a fire. Also, beer.
Safety Tip from Randy and the Rest

Look both ways before crossing the street! Also, shut your damn buses off once they've been aired up!